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elemental principles and magick

The Essences of Magick

Thump, thump… thump, thump... thump, thump... It is with this action life begins. Physiology, an absolute concept, in its perfection it executes timed rhythms brought upon by the heart. Its purpose rears life into existences. Ah! Therefore the essence of life is the physical attribute provided by the heart.

Though, many exclaim, “home is where the heart lives”. Within this theory our home is a parallelism with our heart. Which raises the question: Is the purpose of the heart one of a physiological mean or one of emotional substance? This organ, the heart, is a function of life. This cannot be quarreled. But what is the truest purpose of the heart and its rhythms? Is it autonomous with function alone or is it bilaterally connected with emotions.

As a consideration to our question, we must further our inquiry into the mind. When destitute, we feel melancholy and despondent. Our bodies are weighted. Physical pain is felt in the chest. This is contributed to the theory of a “broken Heart”. Contrarily, within its beat holds the wonders of love. A feeling of elation as the heart beats strong and hard. This emotion felt in the heart encapsulates the very substance of love. When it is given freely we flourish. Its correlation is named an “enchanted heart”.

A duality appears present, one of physical and emotional purpose. Now, we must formulate a new question one which dives deep into the root of life. What is the relationship between this duality and our existence? This is the question we must ask ourself. For within the answer comes the knowledge of our existence.

Through the contemplation of this question, one begins to realize that the ability of life extends beyond the pure physical body. There is a dominant factor, which allows the execution of a physical body to bring forth life; henceforth, this dominate factor, is the giver of life.

In a term this dominates comes from energy. Energy is the root of existence. The heart in it self does not provide our life source. It is the impulses of energy that unfolds life. Without energy there would be no initiation of activity within the muscles of the heart. Energy is also the cultivator of emotions. It is in the brains chemistry with its abundance of tightly packed neurons firing electrical impulses and releasing ample molecular configurations. The brain brings forth a physical reaction that the body undergoes during the minds emotional state of being. These chemicals are the culprits of our physical reactions to various emotional states and energy is the controller of these chemicals.

Energy equals life. To avoid befuddlement I shall explain the fundamentals of the relationship between existence and substance. Energy is in all things animate and inanimate. Without energy there would be nothing. There is a methodology at work and energy is the root. It occurs in the simplest of matter. For simplicity basic chemistry and physics proves the power and importance of energy. Systematically all things are formed by an energetic attraction and this reaction involves the movement of energy. And all things have potential energy as well which can be accessed if needed.

Energy brings forth the makings of an atom to molecules and eventually a complete entity. It is the building block of all in existence due to these properties. Since all objects are interconnected, we as people at our basic elements are no different then a rock or tree- we are connected by the principles of science. Therefore, all in existence is interconnected. Objects are cohesive because the movement of energy. So we can easily hypothesis that energy can move through and between all things by means of the atmosphere as a conduit since the atmosphere too is created via energy.

By clarifying the simplicity of these concepts one can grasp the reality of capturing energy at will. Energy is ample in the world and can be drawn upon for usage. It is no different then many of the comforts of the day’s age. Technology uses free energy to function. With this knowledge clarify it is possible to draw in free pure energy from our surrounding into ones self. This brings us to the concept of the power of prayer or as I call it ritual.

My religion is called Wicca, which integrates magick in its rituals. The reality of magick is basic on these concepts. Magick brings all of these principles together and uses them for the basis of the craft.

Magick is the movement of energy preformed by the practitioner. All people have the ability to move energy. It can be push out of the body into the atmosphere as well as being drawn in from other objects. Through grounding, meditating and ritual a witch can move personal and surrounding energy in and out of themselves. The act of moving energy in the cosmos is the reality of magick and it is truly a tool of power due to the properties of existences.

Wiccans personal energy through physiology, via the body’s function as well as their thoughts and emotions, is the fundamentals of magick. External energy is utilized and strengthened by the addition of personal energy. A cohesive thought coupled with the strength of emotions, physical body energy and pure external energy which as been drawn from the environment is sent out into the world via abundant energy; magick can clearly occur, playing a crucial part in connecting and changing the practitioner world. Witchcraft is not a frightful activity it does not include negative energy it utilize pure energy. It is not Satanism, and does not worship evil. Wiccans do not believe in the negative force from an entity many religions called the devil. All energy is pure to be used in a positive manner, to enhance the practitioners’ life. By using the most pure elements that surrounds all and integrated it in magick, a powerful tool is obtained. Wiccans rituals are an equivalent to prayer in more common religions, since traditional pray uses energy as well.

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