Saturday, February 6, 2010


To Validate

I have talent, but it is hidden away. Locked in a room, which is keyless. I question, “How do I open this door, freeing the self into the world?” It is not enough being hidden away.
The world must know who I am.
The world must know my contribution.
Finding oneself is not enough. One must contribute in this world. It is your contribution that validates such earthly existence, the one that is yours. How shall I contribute? The daunting question plagues the mind, heart and soul. What is my greater good? I am clueless. Life should be more then to wake in a day, filled with activities to pass time till the next. But what is it which proves true purpose in this world at this time of existence. I do not know. I am locked away from this world, as time passes me by...remaining clueless.

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