Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the Light

Shadow Play

Those who walk in the shadows, with their pale white skin, are never seen by the light of day. Such travels led by the road of darkness are easiest by far.  Eluding responsibility of actions, under the cover of darkness there is the possibility to be less then desirable without absolute accountability. These are the one’s who’s behaviors remain questionable...why do they seek shelter within the shadows? Is it a question of what they are doing or why they are doing it? Are they malicious, baneful, or corrupt? Plausibly, their intentions may or may not be wayward, but they hide just the same, with shame. Fearing light, fearing responsibility, accountability these are their walls, which cast the shadow of darkness with which they hide. Bleak is their outcome. Whether purposeful or not, without accountability can there be a righteous way? I for one believe not. To hide one’s self in shame is not worthy of existence. The magnitude of self-purpose within this world should be doted upon; it is not one to be shamed. Lurking in the shadows of life is all but a waste of life for shame festers within the shadows. If one were to reach into the light the shadows of shame shall disappear. Life’s experience within the light does require accountability, but light also provides warmth and comfort so that many of the errors made within one’s life will produce a lesser pain. Choosing the light is difficult but much of what is sown will be reaped and provide nutrition for the soul... And you shall not languish in the darkness any more.

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