Monday, February 8, 2010

Giving Thanks

Swift or slow, walking, each foot following the next and the road of life is exposed, an ultimate achievement. It is little more then a miracle, the breath of life. With all of the intricacies of the body and mind it must leave one in awe. How, why has this occurred, this achievement of anatomy and physiology working in harmony? We as living entities are truly amazing indeed. but we are not alone in this world. Amongst the earth there are many, many living things with intricacies that rival our own. An appreciation of self need be complemented by an appreciation of other living things. For they are just as unique and complex as are own existence. The concept of existence is extraordinary indeed. As we marvel at its thoughts of how creation came about weave within our minds. Is there an ultimate being, entity that has formed our creation?...And so, we have named it God, Deity, Buddha among the many. What ever it is, it has come first before all others? Then we pray giving thanks for our existences in churches, temples or rituals to this ultimate being. These occurrences are bittersweet since they are only momentary thanks to our creator. Once bound by the regiment of the day we  quickly forget the honor of life. We neglect ourselves physically and mentally bound by the days’ age. So it is, the great betrayal as we squander our lives. A simple vocalization of prayer seems the cowardly way to give thanks for such an extraordinary gift. Regardless, it is what it is.That is until we need something.

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