Sunday, January 31, 2010

true love


Hand to Hands, Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart.
There is a certain proximity related to love.
It is a closeness which is seen and unseen.
The entity love is transcendent. It
spontaneously burst into existences, flowing
freely metamorphosing into many forms.
When given, love naturally creates an
interwoven element within others and
instantaneously fulfill their relationship needs.
This comes into existence since love is hand-
to-hand with abundance. An abundance of
passion, understanding, trust, and commitment.
If unhampered its grace will bless all life. Its
value is greater then silver. Since the heart is
made of gold. And love runs like a river with
the tide which ebbs and flows through the heart.
Each time love changes course it flourishes into
something young. It is free to transform once
more so that it may fulfill the forever changing
needs, as it realizes peoples dreams.


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