Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a drop


Imagine…hot rays beat down on the crest of the desert foothills. The clouds, leaving the climate reeking of desperation, have spilled not even one drop. Plants shriveled, and are within the presence of death. If one were to glance at the horizon, all that would be seen are the waves of heat drawing away any moisture set in its path. A desolate, torturous environment for a living thing to endure; all suffer, in this extreme arid climate. All matters of life move on or dig deep into the earth in search for the liquid of life. An atmosphere reminiscent of a forest fire lacking the charred devastation although its verdict of destruction it carries is the same; a stagnant atmosphere ravaging life- an impossible existence. Without the liquid of life, the birth of food withers out of existence, leaving the remnants of decay of what once existed. And the life cycle ceased from its survival. Water must be prevalent for the occurrence of sustainability. Lacking this essential requirement, failure ensues, and life ceased out of existence. "A glass of water, PLEASE!"

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