Sunday, January 31, 2010


Synthesizing Life

A truly amazing sight is when as far as the eye can see there is only
nature and its aesthetic quality in mans perceptual vision

As man, he can admire and learn from the raw strength and elegant
flawless beauty of his natural surroundings
The soil, the trees, the mountains, the earth, the sky, the universe--all
things work together and man too, is a part of this growing process

At times, man the most advanced being, forgets he is not sole owner
of the land which he employs
He is a part of it
Just as the insignificant lichen which grows on the side of a century
aged old rock in the middle of the Grand Canyon desert floor

Man is not all, but a small part of the energy which the universe
contains his humanistic quality robs him of his true identity of
being one with the earth
He has fallen victim of his own greed, molding his own pathetic
He must realize he is interwove with all things and without this
the universal web will be broken and he shall met his demise
That day emptiness shall reign surrounding the earth
Peace concludes the greed of man

Until a new day blossoms
with another insignificant synthesis of an amino acid on a different
New life shall live again

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